Why Buy Faux Maple Column Trees From Museum Trees?

December 12th, 2017      Posted By: Ashwin Iyer

Regardless of the nature and size of the organization, all businesses need a continuous flow of crowd for flourishing. For this reason, all commercial settings need to have a welcoming appearance for greeting the onlookers so that they can be influenced to visit the place, and ultimately turn loyal to the brand. But, this is […]

Regardless of the nature and size of the organization, all businesses need a continuous flow of crowd for flourishing. For this reason, all commercial settings need to have a welcoming appearance for greeting the onlookers so that they can be influenced to visit the place, and ultimately turn loyal to the brand. But, this is not an obvious task, because of the tough competition in every profession. Commercial houses of any type must have some twist in decoration to present the business in a standalone way. Only by doing so, one can be sure of creating a nice buzz about the business.

With the construction of high rise buildings, the urban locality now looks like a lifeless concrete jungle; and as a result of their monotonous life, the urban populace is somewhat melancholic. Because of such situation, the architects and designers are now heavily banking on landscaping projects for making the commercial setting attractive and adorable to the people. When people find something green somewhere, they feel attracted to that place. That is why all business landscapes are now including the greens for drawing more customers.
There is nothing wrong if you like to go green for showcasing your business. But, there are some associated problems. The live trees and plants demand regular care and attention, and if you are not a green thumb, then the plants are sure to die after sometime defeating all your landscaping endeavors. Such maintenance hassles become much more problematic for large business houses, as natural greens mean involvement of dedicated workforce and huge cost. Having no such demand the fake landscaping elements provide the best alternative landscaping solution and being exotic, the artificial Maple Trees can build a mesmerizing commercial exterior. Here are a few words on why you should buy faux maple trees.

You get the best buying experience.

Museum Trees have a large selection of faux tree and plants exclusively for commercial outdoors. These are manufactured from quality material to make them long-lasting and environment-friendly. Museum Trees also offer consultation services for understanding the needs of the customers and finding the best possible landscaping solution. Different commercial settings have different landscaping constraints. Such consultation services help customers to get the right design and also help in installation of their products.

Builds up a picturesque landscape

As people always feel relieved from stress when they stay near nature, the owners and landscape designers are all out to make the commercial settings green. Live Maple trees have artistic leaves that have different colors in different seasons. Museum Trees artificial Maple Trees are available with colorful foliage to impart a realistic view in the corporate space. With a height of 16 feet, these fake botanical products have a graceful appearance. Coming with a slim trunk that is loaded with dense foliage, they create excellent landscaping accents with a stylish punch, and deliver a cool, picturesque exterior that is envied by your competitors.

These are perfect for adorning a range of commercial settings.

No matter what type of commercial space you have, the artificial Maple Trees can be installed in any of them. Other than the massive government offices, corporate buildings, and municipal houses; these can be used for jazzing up the theme parks, water parks, amusement parks, entrances and lobbies of the art galleries & museums; exteriors of the shopping malls, hospitals & healthcare facilities; lawns of the luxury hotels & restaurants, exotic resorts & casinos, senior living facilities, and other customer-oriented commercial settings as well. Wherever you may use them, they continue to bless the outdoor with their charming appearance for a long time.

Artificial Maple Trees can be used in many ways.

If the commercial space includes a swimming pool or any other water arrangements, that can be combined with the replicated maple trees for creating a nice ambiance. This will not only be visually appealing, but the visitors will also find the place comfortable for staying within a green enclosure. Many people use the pathways and driveways of the commercial settings. Defining those with the replicated maples let your guests have the most enjoyable driving or walking experience. Aside from these, you can also use these mimic maples for outlining the boundary of the commercial setting and for filling the voids in the outdoor.

Offers the best value for money

The Museum Trees artificial Maple Trees are made from high-quality raw materials and are meticulously crafted to replicate their live counterparts in all respects. You can never fill if they are real or replica, without touching with hands. Moreover, use of Silk grade foliage makes them withstand all weather conditions. Whether it is rain, snow, or a windy outdoor, they stay upright maintaining their natural look for years. Incorporating these faux Maple trees, you get the best return for the money invested.

These score over the real Maple trees

Landscaping with artificial Maple Trees is a lot better option than using the real ones for the following benefits and beyond.

  • Saves time: The natural Maple trees take a long time to grow and, therefore, you have to wait for years for enjoying their full glory. But, the artificial Maple Trees make the place glamorous immediately after installation saving you on the waiting period.
  • Zero maintenance: These are no maintenance products, but allow you to enjoy their lifelike graceful charm. Only periodic cleaning is sufficient to keep their majestic beauty. Moreover, they never outgrow and, as such, there is no need for pruning or trimming.
  • Customization is possible: Unlike the live Maple trees, these can be personalized based on the landscaping theme and requirement for revamping the commercial outdoors.
  • Deliver safe environment: As the faux Maple trees are made from the synthetic plastic material, these never attract insects, pests, bugs, etc. Thus, you get a safe commercial exterior with no chance of insect attacks.