The No-Nonsense Guide to Creating an Enviable Home Bar

March 6th, 2018      Posted By: Ashwin Iyer

What a fun it would be to enjoy your favourite drink at home instead of a bar! Well, it is a great idea to quit frequent visits to a bar and get a small set up at your home only. But installing up a home bar can be a tedious task when we talk concerning […]

What a fun it would be to enjoy your favourite drink at home instead of a bar! Well, it is a great idea to quit frequent visits to a bar and get a small set up at your home only. But installing up a home bar can be a tedious task when we talk concerning the guests and the members of your family as well. If you want to set up a home bar, you will have to choose a complete list of bar equipment that not only serve you with your drink but can also complement the interior style of your home. Ranging from quality glassware, classy bar cart, jiggers, shakers, and many more, everything needs to be planned thoughtfully. To help you establish a resounding home bar, we have some useful tips that can help you right away. Let’s take a look.

Plan the bar thoroughly.

Planning is always the first step required to perform such action. A good plan will lead you to set up an exceptional bar without hindering your overall room plan or setting. If you would think to indulge in this process a night before, it will ruin your overall space. Before taking any action, first, think about what kind of setup you would like to have in your bar and what you don’t want to be included in it. It will help you have a clear idea of your home bar vision, thus making the process easier.

You can also take bar design ideas by doing online research. Once you have a clear idea, you can optimize the available space in your home to set up a stylish bar quite easily.

Get a collection of all required bar equipment and tools.

Once you are ready with the picked up space to transform into a bar, it is the time to bring all stylish range of equipment and tools into your home bar. If you recalled the tools and equipment available in the pubs, you would realize the kinds of equipment and tools you require to set up a home bar. The various bar tools include cocktail shaker, cutting board, knife, bottle opener, corkscrew, glassware etc. These are most essential accessories that you would need, and besides these, there may be additional items that you may require to get a well working system in place.

Decorating your home bar

It is also equally essential to decorate your home bar elegantly so that it may not compromise with the overall looks of your home interior. For this, it is important that you choose the bar equipment and furniture carefully. The shades and colours of the furniture if matched with the overall colour scheme, it may complement your home to a great extent. Besides this, you can place different kinds of decor items along with your bar setup. For example, a large-sized wall art hanged on the front wall can enhance your bar as well as your home interior. There are numerous kinds of decor products specially designed for bars that you can utilize to make your home bar design stand out.

Greenery can be an exceptional decor.

Plants and trees can add a unique ambience to your home bar. This is the grace of plant, trees, and flowers that you see them as decor in all kinds of setups including those pubs, restaurants, and bars. These can be the real ornaments for your home bar. Choose from a wide variety of plants, flowers, and potted plants to decorate your home bar. If you are not assured whether you should use real plants or not, you can make use of artificial plants instead. Artificial plants replicate the looks of real plants and are far more graceful than real ones. They don’t have any maintenance requirements and can withstand all the weather conditions easily. You can find every possible variety in artificial plants that exist in real world.

Stocking your home bar

When it comes to keeping a stock of drinks in your home bar, it might be expensive. If you love a particular drink, it is obviously a good idea to stock the bar with that drink. However, it is also equally essential to keep a mix of all the drinks so that you may have something to offer to your guests as well. Keeping enough variety of drink mixers and liqueurs is also essential. Additionally, make sure to use garnishes that are fresh. A unique cocktail recipe can make your guests’ visit to your home bar memorable.

Keep comfortable and movable furniture.

Furniture has a lot to contribute towards the look and comfort of your home bar. While enjoying drinks, you would not want to have an uncomfortable seat. So, choose furniture that you and your guests may find suitable. Bar stools, bar tables, and chairs are always considered ideal for having a pub-like experience at home. Movable furniture always seems convenient for bars, so it is a good idea to invest in furniture that is versatile, flexible, and comfortable as well.

Stock party accessories

While you are finding enjoying drinks at your home bar, it is equally nice to have a get together with colleagues at your home complemented with a small party. You might have concerns about planning parties at home due to the fear of noise and all, but if you have established a bar at your home, you can stock some cool party supplies at your home. The party supplies include coasters, cocktail recipe books, music that can suit your surrounding and associated circumstances, napkins, and similar items to give a party feeling to everyone. Your friends would love your home bar and your home parties without the need of going out.