Stairs Don’t Have To Be Boring – Here’s Why

March 13th, 2018      Posted By: Ashwin Iyer

Are you fed up of looking at the boring and lifeless staircase in your home? Don’t be! Did you know that your stairs don’t necessarily need to look dull, drab and boring? There are simple and easy ways for you to give that old staircase a fun new vibe. Today, we have put together a […]

Are you fed up of looking at the boring and lifeless staircase in your home? Don’t be! Did you know that your stairs don’t necessarily need to look dull, drab and boring? There are simple and easy ways for you to give that old staircase a fun new vibe. Today, we have put together a list of simple, fun and unique ideas and suggestions for you to use and give your stairs a new life. These ideas are affordable and reasonable, and you need not worry about burning a hole in your pocket. Here’s everything you need to know:

Use A Uniquely Patterned Runner On Your Staircase

Using a uniquely patterned runner on your stairs is a great way to decorate them. You can opt for a wild animal print runner or even a runner with an Aztec print or bold stripe print. Such bold and wild prints can help in adding color and character to your entire staircase. People across the globe are using these uniquely and boldly printed runners on their staircases to convert their boring old stairs to stairs that look like they have been taken out from an interior décor magazine.

Get Runners That Match Your Home Décor Or Runners That Are Of Your Favourite Colour

Another great idea to decorate your staircase is by installing runners that are of your favorite color or runners that match the décor of your home. If your favorite color is light blue, then get a carpet company to custom make a runner for your staircase in the shade of your favorite light blue. Alternatively, you can also opt for solid colors for your runners that match your décor. For instance, if you have light brown wooden floorboards in your home, you may want to consider a bright yellow or an olive green runner.

Shaded Or Tie & Dye Effect Runners

Another great idea for staircase runners is installing shaded runners that start from a dark shade and end at a light shade. You can also opt for rainbow-colored runners that have all the vibrant and beautiful colors of the rainbow in them. Lastly, opt for tie & dye pattern runners if your home has a very bohemian look and vibe to it. Such runners will have to be custom made as per the height of your staircase. Contact your local runner manufacturer to get the runner manufactured as per your preference.

Install Plants Around The Staircase

Faux plants and trees are another excellent way to make your staircase look more showy and vibrant. You can place two tall palm trees on either side of the bottom step. You can also place small potted plants on either side of each step on your staircase. Lots of people use hanging baskets and faux flower garlands to decorate their staircase too. The faux flower garlands can be wrapped around the banister in a creative and captivating way to make your staircase look prettier and more colorful.

Be Creative With The Newel Posts Of Your Staircase

The newel post of the staircase can play a very important role in making your staircase look better and less dull and boring. You can purchase antique and beautifully designed newel posts for your staircase at local flea markets or the store of an antique’s supplier. Don’t worry; you don’t necessarily need to get the entire staircase redone if you’re planning on changing the newel post of your staircase. A talented and experienced carpenter will be able to change the existing newel to the new one without any hassles.

Change The Lighting Of Your Staircase

Good and adequate lighting can make a staircase look royal and fabulous. If the existing lighting that you have around your staircase is dull and lifeless, the staircase itself will look old or dull. Change the lighting around your staircase if required. Opt for wall lamps, hanging lights, rope lights and other such fun and new age options to highlight your staircase and make it look fabulous.

Install Art Of Family Portraits Along The Stairwell

Art can enhance the character and vibe of pretty much anything. You can decorate the walls on your stairwell with beautiful and vibrant canvas paintings. Buy abstract paintings, or you can even buy paintings that depict nature. Install such artworks to bring color and vibrancy to your staircase. Alternatively, you can also opt for family portraits on the walls of the stairwell. Portraits of your immediate family, portraits of your ancestors and other such family portraits can be installed.

Paint The Staircases In Bright Vibrant Colours

Another way to make sure that your staircase stands out and doesn’t look dull and boring is by painting the staircase in a beautiful and vibrant color. For instance, if your home is located nearby to the beach, you may want to consider painting the staircase a gorgeous shader sea green or even a stunning cerulean blue. Such vibrant and captivating colors look particularly gorgeous when the rest of the walls in your home are pure white. When considering painting your stairs, take into consideration the rest of the décor of your home as well. You don’t want to end up with stairs that look odd and strange because they don’t match with the décor of your home.

Now you know it. Your stairs don’t have to be dull or boring or even lifeless. You can make your staircase the attraction of your home with simple and basic changes. Follow the above-mentioned tips and see that boring staircase transform into something beautiful and unique. Using these transformation ideas on your staircase will leave your guests and visitors amazed and mesmerized.