Planning a Hospital Landscape That Heals – Here’s a Guide

January 23rd, 2018      Posted By: Ashwin Iyer

If you walk through most of the medical centers and institutions, you will find yourself surrounded by a vast variety of electrical instruments, yellow tube lightings, and colorless walls, that all together makes us feel the sense of disease. Even if you are not a patient and accompanying a patient with you for treatment, there […]

If you walk through most of the medical centers and institutions, you will find yourself surrounded by a vast variety of electrical instruments, yellow tube lightings, and colorless walls, that all together makes us feel the sense of disease. Even if you are not a patient and accompanying a patient with you for treatment, there is a chance that for a while, you may also get depressed. In such a case you can image how patient’s symptoms can get even complex.

But now, the new revolution is going its way in transforming the appeal of conventional hospitals to a more healing and refreshing surrounding. Various environmental psychologists claim in their studies that a close to nature and green environment speeds up the process of healing from all kinds of ailments. Studies have proven that soothing landscaping gives relief from the stress of disease by refreshing the minds and energizing the intense of a human being.

Benefits of Hospital Landscaping to Healthcare Staff

A natural environment not only makes a patient heal effectively but also make the medical professionals stay fresh and stress-free. The job of a doctor, nurse or more medical professional is filled with regular stress as they always have the responsibility to save others life at their own risk. So an energizing and revitalizing landscape around is a refreshment for them as well. Green plants and colorful flowers around the walkways, lunch rooms and all make them breathe in soothing air and feel some good energy. This helps them offer their best and hence enhance productivity.

How Can You Design A Hospital Landscape?

There is a vast number of ways with which a hospital landscape can be planned and designed to offer a natural healing environment to patients. Take a look at below-suggested ideas.

Add A Green Factor to Your Landscape

Without greenery, a landscape can never be called a landscape since greenery adds a natural appeal to the surrounding. Walkways, pathways, and corridors are always included in a hospital’s architecture, and these give a wonderful way to add green plants around. Shrubs and bushes can also be added at different heights. All the walking areas decorated with greenery will spread positive vibes among all the patients and healthcare staff.

Tempt Wildlife for Enhanced Energy

Certain kinds of wildlife like butterflies, birds, hummingbirds can also act as healing solutions for patients with their vibrant colors and chirps can fill people around with delight. These kinds of wildlife get attracted more towards native plants, trees, and flowers. So, it could be a wise decision to add certain native plants in the exterior landscape for attracting wonderful living elements around your medical center.

Add Flowers with Sober Fragrances

An ideal landscape is not just soothing to your eyes, but it can also be felt through every breath. Most of the ornamental grasses and flowers carry soothing fragrances. But as in hospitals, there are people with different kinds of ailments, allergies, so it is important to choose such fragrant grasses and flowers wisely. It is a good idea to avoid flowers, plants, and grasses with strong fragrances or even bad odors. Plants like Lavender and Lamb’s ear are the most benign and refreshing plants.

Avoid Making Your Walkways Inconvenient

For a medical center or hospital, it is quite important to have wide and convenient walkways that don’t hinder wheelchairs or patients walking in groups. Also, the landscaping plan for walkways needed to be very careful and organized so that there is enough space left for comfortable walking.

Healing Plants are A Big Plus

There are certain kinds of plants, the presence of which promotes better health. Some of those plants are Lavender, Rose, Sage, Rosemary, and Catnip, etc. Addition of these plants to your hospital landscape design can also make a difference. Presence of these plants not only makes your space look awesome but also contribute to the fast healing of patients.

Go for A Water Element

Recall a garden with a fountain or pond in between and beautiful ducks swimming inside. Don’t you feel lighter and stress-free whenever you are in such environments? So, this water feature can also be added to your landscape to complement all your landscaping plan. Fountains or waterfalls can be added in common areas or courtyards of your hospital so that everyone can enjoy their benefits. Such elements can make your health center a bit free from stress.

Effective Budget Planning

Well, this kind of landscape design can be accomplished the best way for a commercial space if you have sufficient budget availability. Since landscaping is not just limited up to purchasing and installing plants and flowers around your hospital, but a landscape also needs attentive care to be given to stay lush green and healthy all the time. For large institutions, as the case of hospitals, since landscaping is required in large scale, so a professional gardening staff also require being hired for meeting regular pruning, cutting, fertilizing and watering needs. Additionally, you will need to have a proper irrigation system in place. All this means you need to invest a good budget in arranging all these.

What If You Have Budget Restrictions?

Even if you have a limited funds and can’t afford to invest in landscaping, still you can make your hospital or health care center a greener place where staff stays energetic all the time, and patients heal faster. Evolution of artificial landscaping has made the way to landscaping easier as well as budget friendly. You can make faux plants and trees of every possible variety available as per your desire at affordable prices without the worries of regular maintenance or the associated costs. You can find a large number of artificial landscapers in the market that offer quality products for exterior landscaping for commercial buildings. They have every kind of flower, plant, bushes, topiaries, trees for your hospital that replicates the looks and appeal of their real counterparts. No one can ever figure out their faux nature. Most of the commercial spaces are now opting these solutions due to their ease of maintenance and durability.