How to Select The Most Amazing Outdoor Seating For Your Offices

March 20th, 2018      Posted By: Ashwin Iyer

As people spend more than half of their waking hours in the office, it should be made as pleasant as possible. No trouble if it is a small or a large office, getting adorable sitting plan makes a strong impact on the employee output and overall business turnover. Most of the present job profile involves […]

As people spend more than half of their waking hours in the office, it should be made as pleasant as possible. No trouble if it is a small or a large office, getting adorable sitting plan makes a strong impact on the employee output and overall business turnover. Most of the present job profile involves continuous staring at the monitor. This is why people suffer from boredom very quickly. It is an open fact that no one likes to be glued to the indoors for the whole day.

There is no point in limiting the office space to indoors only during the warmer months. In case there is a long porch, it can be converted into a nice workspace by making some comfortable sitting arrangement. Patios also make good outside sitting. Such outside office arrangement has many benefits. When people sit in an open space, not surrounded by the walls, they feel to be energized. This is because the change of environment makes them happy and also helps them to be free from stress. Thus, they become much productive.

There are many creative ideas to create outside sitting zone in the office. In this article, we shall delve into some of these creative ideas for you to take a look.

Utilize all available space

All urban areas suffer from space crunch. Your office might not have some lawns and gardens for making outside office arrangement. In such cases, the roof and balcony can be converted to outside office by making sitting arrangement there. There is no tough and fast rule that there should be desks and chairs. The present office concept calls for making comfortable sitting arrangements. You may also include a sofa.

Swing them to work

Hammocks make cute outside sitting arrangement when there are large trees to hang it outside. Other than these, rocking chairs and traditional swings also make good outside sitting arrangement. These chairs are made of many materials including metals and plastic. You may add cushions to make the chairs more comfortable.

Why not create an outdoor lounge?

The modern offices are wireless. So, the people want to enjoy the blue sky, fresh air, and sunshine when the weather is warm. Creating an outdoor lounge makes the employees happy and also boosts up their morale. Just choose a place in the lawn, and adorn the place with colorful umbrellas, rugs and designer patio chairs with pillows so that they complement each other. Include some zonal lighting to uplift the place.

Sit against the fence

Walls make a nice backdrop. Make sitting arrangements while constructing the raised wall around the patio area. Make these concrete or stone benches comfortable with waterproof cushions and pillows to have a great workspace outdoor. Alternatively, you can also build decorative walls with stone or wood, and place comfortable sofas and lounge chairs against the walls. Create shade above such places to protect against the sun.

Use artificial outdoor trees

The present concept of office layout broke all concepts of formal and informal. The main objective now is to make an office space as cozy and comfy as possible to the employees. Outside office spaces start and end with decorative trees and plants. They add a vibrant touch to the outside office space with their lush green effect. Green is attractive and appealing. Studies also indicate that people feel more relaxed and comfortable when they are near natural greens. The live plants are difficult to maintain because of their caring demands.

The fake outdoor plants are a perfect alternative to the live plants. These are now meticulously made using high-quality foliage and strong, colorfast pigment. These are also infused with UV blocking materials. Once you use these all-weather products, they never bleed colors, nor fade or get discolored. Moreover, these are also made fire-resistant by infusing special fire-retardant chemical by injection molding. Thus, these acquire self-extinguishing property and do not help spread the fire making these safe for landscaping. You can include a faux tree and artificial orchids for defining workspaces. Since these do not attract insects, the employees get an insect-free workspace.

Corners make great workspaces

When it comes to creating outside workspace, every inch of the place including the corners counts. Nestling in a corner lets one have a feeling of privacy, and this goes a long way in focusing on the job. Create built-in sitting zones in the four corners of the outside space by placing sofas and patio chairs with comfortable cushion and pillows. If you are lucky, there could be large trees in the corner. Make seating arrangement underneath for shadow. Otherwise, arrange colorful umbrellas or a designer roof for protection of the employees.

Construct a playhouse office

If there is a shed in the garden, clear all clutter from it, and make the roof slightly lower to look like a playhouse. Include a desk, and a chair will make it a great playhouse workspace. Depending on the budget you may embellish the playhouse with anything for enhancing the casual playhouse look.

Create an outdoor lunch area

Building a lunch zone in the office outdoor has many advantages. When people take their lunch on the lawn away from the dull walls of the office, they get a nice break from the mounting stress. The change in environment elevates their mood, and they do their work with more energy. This also has health benefits as the employees get an abundant supply of vitamin D from the sunlight.

Infuse some color

It is not necessary to get all new furniture while creating an outside workspace. You may use the old chairs, desks, benches, etc. and paint them with distinctive colors to impart a nice look. You can also convert the old wooden pallets into nice looking garden seats.

Water features help

When people listen to the sounds of running water, it makes them calm and also helps creative thinking. If budget permits include artificial falls or a fountain in the outside space for creating a tranquil ambiance. Such things will help the employees to concentrate.