Check Out Live Oak Single Stem – An Innovative Landscaping Marvel

September 22nd, 2017      Posted By: Ashwin Iyer

Outdoor landscaping marvels are a great advantage for any commercial space as you will get a charming and exquisite environment to treat your visitors to and also get an instant good impression about the company. It will not only help in keeping the good atmosphere but will also act as a secret marketing tool to […]

Outdoor landscaping marvels are a great advantage for any commercial space as you will get a charming and exquisite environment to treat your visitors to and also get an instant good impression about the company. It will not only help in keeping the good atmosphere but will also act as a secret marketing tool to increase sales. Your guests will have a memorable visit to your place with top landscaping designs.

Top amazing landscaping designs

If you are looking for an amazing landscaping design to amaze your visitors and customers, it’s advisable that you dump the traditional ways and start thinking innovatively. For having a cozy and pleasing environment which is a treat to the eyes, you need to go for simple methods as showy and glittery landscapes lack the coziness and it should be cost effective too.

Nothing is simpler than including the Mother Nature in your commercial space. Natural greenery will also make some of the best elegant landscapes, and they are ideal for any innovative designs and ideas. However, if you have a record of using living plants at commercial zones, you will know the problems and difficulties of using real plants as landscaping tools and the hassle they create at workplaces. Apart from that, you won’t believe the impact a tree or other greenery has in any landscape.

Hassles with natural greenery at workplaces

Natural greenery is not suitable as commercial landscaping tools due to the following reasons:

  • Short lifespan- who wants a landscaping décor which will last only for a short while? Real plants die and decay after a certain lifespan.
  • Litters- you will never like your office outdoors to be messy and full of leaves and other plant waste. Well, that’s what real plants do to commercial outdoors.
  • Shorter range- it’s impossible to grow a plant species outside its natural habitat or in unfavorable conditions. It’s a major drawback as you are left with few choices.
  • Regular watering- imagine you made an extraordinary landscape decor with greenery, can you guess the amount of time and energy that will be regularly spent on watering them? High maintenance is a huge drawback of real plants and trees.

Artificial greenery- ideal substitute

You must be confused about the right landscaping tools for an innovative landscape. The most advanced and widely used landscaping tool is faux greenery. Let’s take a look at brief details about faux greenery. Due to the problems in outdoor commercial landscaping with real plants and trees as mentioned above, the landscaping experts have come up with the idea of eliminating the problems with live plants and give unmatched natural beauty to commercial outdoors which will resemble the live plants and will also last forever.

Faux greenery assures the following qualities ideal for landscaping tool:

  • Long lasting landscaping tool to give you the best return for your money.
  • Maintenance free landscaping décor which is ideal for all commercial places.
    Landscaping décor within the budget that beats the impact of a costly and showy one.
  • Commercial outdoors landscapes without trash were a dream with plants and trees in it.
  • Unlimited choice of plants and trees as landscaping items as you get to choose faux greenery from other habitats as well.

Marvelous landscaping décor with faux oak tree

Oak trees are always great for any landscape. The amazing beauty it brings to any landscape is unbeatable. Everyone wants a picturesque setting in their commercial space, and the oak tree gives the required impact effortlessly. But, as mentioned earlier, the tree won’t grow in all conditions, and you will have to take the hassles associated with the natural greenery in landscaping. The ideal substitute is a faux oak tree as it will give the exact impact in the landscape and will also eliminate the issues with natural greenery.

Live Oak single stem- real looking silk landscaping tool

The stylish 14′ landscaping tool is ideal for a unique and chic landscape at your workplace as it will delight the visitors earning you a great first impression with its adorable and chic appearance. The best advantage with silk Live Oak single stem is that it is quite a big landscaping feature and will surely catch the attention of the visitors and have a massive impact on the landscape, thus changing any dull landscape into a lively and cozy one.

Designing perfect commercial outdoors

Here are some guidelines on creating the best commercial outdoors with the Live Oak single stem:

  • Keep the décor simple and clean. Too much landscaping tools may make it untidy, and that will spoil the comfortable atmosphere created with a Live Oak single stem.
  • As the Live Oak single stem is impacting landscaping tool, you should try to place it near the eyesight of the visitors. Placing it at focal point will give the best effect.
  • Using suitable artificial greenery with the Live Oak single stem will increase the awesomeness and make it cool.
  • The Live Oak single stem is perfect for outdoor use, and harsh weather conditions like snowfall, rain or direct sun won’t affect its tranquil beauty.

Ideal locations

The Live Oak single stem is ideal for landscaping décor at any big commercial place like shopping malls, multiplexes, amusement parks, corporate offices, public buildings, resorts, etc. and you can use it to bring in the curb appeal your commercial space has been lacking. The adorable design will delight the visitors and will fill the landscape with positive natural vibes.

The best part about the faux greenery is that it will maintain the same alluring beauty season after season and won’t attract insects or pests in the workplace. This is a major advantage over real greenery.

Other artificial greenery to watch out for

  • Faux custom trees.
  • Faux pine trees for amazing outdoor landscapes.
  • Faux deciduous trees for the unique appeal.
  • Faux palm trees for the tropical look.
  • Delicate and beautiful faux small trees.

You can use attractive planters and bases for best effects.