Technology Campus – Grimes, IA


A leading supermarket chain experienced high employee turnover and designed a new technology campus for better employee retention. An industrial site was selected and the proposed design featured fun activities for employees which included arcade games, mini golf, food trucks and various non-traditional elements. The industrial building included large square support columns which competed with the initial design intent. The supermarket chain consulted Commercial Silk International to provide a custom column wrap tree that would create space, provide a sense of scale and evoke a fun atmosphere where employees could sit under and relax from the pressures of stressful work.


Commercial Silk International proposed a custom Red Oak column tree to wrap the large square support column. A large diameter trunk with a root flare base was designed to be anchored atop artificial turf, with a proportionate canopy and clear trunk height. The trunking was hand stamped and hand painted, and natural add-a-branches increased the realism.


Commercial Silk International provided the installation to meet the facility's grand opening. The large feature column wrap tree served as a welcomed addition to the unique atmosphere.

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