Artificial Red Oaks – To Create Mesmerizing Outdoor Landscapes

December 22nd, 2017      Posted By: Ashwin Iyer

There is an adage “If you did not plant an oak tree two decades ago, then you must do it right now.” This simple statement reveals the beauty and importance of the Oak trees in landscaping the commercial outdoors. People always love to be in a comforting and reassuring surrounding, and that is what we […]

There is an adage “If you did not plant an oak tree two decades ago, then you must do it right now.” This simple statement reveals the beauty and importance of the Oak trees in landscaping the commercial outdoors. People always love to be in a comforting and reassuring surrounding, and that is what we get from the trees and plants. They are nice to be around. Everybody loves to relax in the peaceful greens and loiter on the lanes formed by the trees exchanging silent communication between the humans and nature.

Unfortunately, most of the commercial settings are in the urban area that is full of high rises; and the live plants do not grow everywhere. This makes it difficult to incorporate a piece of tranquil woody ambiance in the commercial settings such as large corporate houses, government offices, atriums, etc. This is where the faux landscaping elements come in. People used to frown seeing the fake trees of the old days. But, those days are gone. These are now made realistic for delivering the feeling of a natural landscape. Among a large number of fake trees, the artificial Red Oaks hold a prominent place due to the majestic beauty.

The mighty Red Oaks

The natural Oak trees belong to genus Quercus and have a large number of species. These are tall and have fat trunks. Also known as Champion Oak, the scientific name of the Red Oak is Quercus rubra. These have almost symmetrical leaves and branches and due to their massive size create very good focal points while delivering a jungle feeling.

The look and feel of Museum Trees artificial Red Oaks

Business places are all about having positive interactions with the people. When a visitor enters your professional space, you have to make sure that he has a striking first impression and once that is done, the rest becomes easy. To deliver you varied landscaping options, Museum Trees have the following varieties of artificial Red Oaks in their bag.

  • Column Wrap Red Oak Trees: When you want to add a ‘wow’ factor to your business exterior, these deliver you the best landscaping solution. With their towering height of 22 feet, these faux Oak trees make the space chick and classy with its burst of color.
  • Red Oak Trees with Artificial Branches: When you wish to include a perfect landscaping element in your commercial for greeting the visitors, nothing can match the incredible beauty of these replicated Oak trees. Being 5 feet tall, these have a minimalistic approach and add charm and elegance to the professional space.
  • White Leaf Red Oak Trees: Maybe you have a hangout type commercial setting and want to introduce a nice holiday look in the space; in such cases, these are the right decorating element. Available at 12 feet high and painted in white throughout, these go a long way in creating a festive mood besides adding flair and lot of drama in the professional space.
  • Red Oak Half Trees: These are great to make any commercial setting refreshingly chill and let you add a new twist to the commercial exterior by filling the voids. Standing 18 feet high and having detailed trunk and foliage, these make great landscaping accent to feet in smaller places.
  • Red Oak Trees: With their dense, lush foliage and detailed trunk, these are great for rejuvenating all types of business places. Standing at 20 feet, these introduce a serene ambiance to the commercial outdoor elevating the beauty of the place aplomb to the next level.

A few themes on using the artificial Red Oaks

If you think that installing the artificial Red Oaks anywhere and in any manner will solve make your professional space inviting and attractive to all that is not going to be in reality. You have to plan so that these complement your business theme and fulfill the varied purposes. Here are amazing ideas that you can follow:

  • Building a nice outline: With their towering heights and spreading branches full of dense foliage the artificial Red Oaks make very good boundaries for all types of commercial complexes including amusement parks; corporate & government buildings; hospitals & healthcare facilities: shopping malls & multiplexes, etc.
  • Creating a place for yoga and meditation: Maybe you have a corporate club or luxury resort and wish to have arrangements for classes on yoga and meditation. Creating an enclosure with Column Wrap Red Oak Trees will be a great idea for such purposes.
  • Defining driveways and pathways: People love to walk on the green roads. Most of the corporate houses, municipal buildings, universities, and hospitals have large driveways. Installing the artificial Red Oaks on both sides of the road will make such spaces graceful.
  • Creating business negotiation spaces: In commercial settings like luxury hotels and restaurants, many business deals are finalized. For such purposes, the guests prefer comfortable but exclusive spaces in a green environment. These can be made using the replicated Red Oak trees.

The fakes are better than live trees

All live plants demand love and constant caring. These involve time, and if you are not a green thumb, you are sure to kill the live trees. For large corporate spaces, the problem multiplies many times. You have to arrange dedicated manpower, and that may involve huge cost. In such cases maintaining live plants becomes a pain in the ass. The faux landscaping elements deliver the most practical landscaping solution. Being meticulously crafted from prime quality raw materials, these replicated Oaks look like the real ones. They do not have any lifecycle and, therefore, never decay or die. Once installed, they continue to bless the setting for many years from the day one. Moreover, using the fake Oak trees in the business places, you have a green environment that is free from insect attacks.