Artificial Curved Trunk Coconut Palms – Classy, Affordable, and Durable

September 5th, 2017      Posted By: Ashwin Iyer

Landscaping of commercial exteriors revolves around the ways of making the setting alluring by tricking the onlooker to step into the place. While there are many ways to do that, including greens in the landscape seems to be the best option for transforming a no-hum business place into a humming one. This is because humans […]

Artificial Curved Trunk Coconut Palms

Landscaping of commercial exteriors revolves around the ways of making the setting alluring by tricking the onlooker to step into the place. While there are many ways to do that, including greens in the landscape seems to be the best option for transforming a no-hum business place into a humming one. This is because humans tend to connect with nature and unknowingly fall for the lush green beauty. Studies conducted on human response to life also show that when people are near to natural elements, they feel more comfortable and are charged with positive vibes. That is why “go green” is the present landscaping trend.

If you have a large commercial outdoor, decorating that with coconut trees have the great popularity for its ability to create a magical surrounding with tropical vibes. The problem is that you cannot create such ambiance if you happen to live in the coldest part, and even, if your commercial space belongs to warm regions, landscaping with natural coconut palms is not practicable for the large commercial sectors due to the maintenance issues involved. In all such cases, the fake coconut palms can provide you the best alternative solution. Here are some essentials about the faux coconut palms that you should know.

Creates appealing exterior with illusion of living landscape

No matter what type of business you are in, an appealing outdoor is crucial to every business as that is sure to create a nice buzz about your business for generating revenues. Among all the artificial trees and plants available, the silk coconut trees made by Museumtrees lets you have an alluring landscape. These are crafted so nicely that those look like the natural coconut plants. Manufactured from high-quality material these are quite pleasant to eyes. These can also be blended with any surrounding, and their visual charm is so illusory, that none can differentiate them from the live palms.

You can use these in countless different projects

Another reason of these being highly popular is that you can use the Museumtrees Artificial coconut trees in many different projects.

  •  Commercial Parks: These can be installed in water parks, theme parks, amusement parks for defining space to create a private grove.
  • Commercial entrances: Installing large coconut trees at entrances of luxury hotels and restaurants, shopping malls, multiplexes, elevates the place aplomb to the next level.
  • Commercial buildings: Large corporate houses, government & municipal buildings, hospitals, exotic casinos, and bars render an eye-catching environment with their inclusion.
  • Luxury resorts and baths: Surrounding swimming pools and luxury baths with the Coconut palms with curved trunk make the place appealing and exciting for enjoying intimate privacy.
  • Marking driveways: When installing on the both side of the commercial driveways and pathways, these artificial landscaping elements add heavenly beauty to the place.

You can play with your imagination

Outdoor landscaping is all about thinking out of the box. Considering their sizes, these artificial trees are extremely light in weight. Moreover, the replicated coconut trees manufactured by Museumtrees have different types of curves for boasting realism. They offer a cool tropical vibe for making the commercial place inviting and can be used in many ways for revamping the place to stand out of the crowd.

Can withstand harsh weather conditions

Featuring delightful curved trunks with lush fronds, these artificial curved palms can rejuvenate all types of commercial indoors. Wherever you may install them, with their 16 feet height, they instantly make the place gorgeous and breathtaking. Made from the prime quality of plastic material, high-grade color pigments and backed by the innovative technology to provide UV resistant products, these artificial trees can withstand all climatic conditions. These are made quite strong and never suffer from fading. So, those may be used for landscaping any commercial outdoors without any worry of damage or deterioration due to sun, wind, rain or snow.

Can also hide many things

With the advancement of technology, utility towers and poles are most common to the commercial settings. The faux bent coconut palms have the power to blend with the surrounding. Other than making the commercial space glow with tropical calmness, these can also be used for hiding these eyesores making your setting adorable to all.

Lets you have great cost saving

When it comes to landscaping with commercial outdoors with artificial trees and plants, a large number of varieties are available in the market. Among all the landscaping options, using replicated coconut palms can deliver you the most effecting result. The Coconut palms for outdoor landscaping made by Museumtrees are meticulously made for replicating their natural counterparts. The best part of using these products is that they do not make holes in your pocket. Available at reasonable prices, these have the ability to adorn a professional space for many years. Thus, you can easily create a dream tropical landscape within your budget limit.

There are many other reasons for using

  • Provides instant landscaping: Live palm trees have their life cycles and need to time to grow. However, the replicated coconut palms are available in fully grown size and can charm the outdoor immediately after installation.
  • Maintenance free: Unlike their live versions, the mimic coconut trees are not soil or environment specific. Moreover, no watering, fertilizing, etc are required.
  • Can be cleaned easily: Periodic cleaning of dust is enough to keep them shining round the year.
  • Installation is also easy: Installing the artificially made coconut palms is also very easy. These do not require and handling equipment or special tools.
  • No chance of creating mess: As these are artificially made, there is no shedding of fronds and, therefore, you are relieved from the worry of clearing the seasonal mess.
  • Always compliment the space: Being artificial, these do not grow and therefore, they will never outgrow the space which is common to live coconut trees.